Anime And K-Pop Dominate 2017’s Most Popular Ships

Tumblr isn’t the hideaway it used to be for fandoms, and you only have to check the New York Times to see why. This week, the prestigious outlet covered the website’s list of top ships of this year, leading thousands to balk at the surprising coverage.

Now, ComicBook is here to breakdown the site’s surprising list of ships, and there is a lot of anime to sort through. Oh, and some k-pop too.

According to Tumblr’s so-called Fandometrics of 2017, the site had some big anime ships this year. Yuri!!! on Ice stole the show as Victuuri shippers went hard for their love of Victor Nikiforov and Yuri Katsuki. The couple came in at number three, and the ship is one that just so happens to be canon. So, hey - fans have that comfort!

Yuri on Ice!!! continued its domination with Otabek Altin and Yuri Plistesky at number eight. Naruto made a surprise play on the list as SasuSaku shippers got Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha trending at seventeen.

The top list was rounded out with two more anime favorites; My Hero Academia and Fairy Tail had representative ships make the list. Todoroki Shouto and Midoriya Izuku charmed hundreds while NaLa lovers kept hoping Natsu would confess to Lucy.


If k-pop is more your thing, then you should know a couple of fan-made ships sailed hard on Tumblr this year. BTS had several of its members place on the list as Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook came on top with Jikook. The ship landed on the list’s fifth spot while Yoonmin and Taekook fell below. The latter two placed at 23 and 25 respectively before Yoonseok ended the list at 30.

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