'Attack On Titan' Milestone Prompts Tributes From Manga All-Stars

At long last, Attack on Titan has hit the 100-chapter milestone. The acclaimed manga recently published its 100th issue, and some industry all-stars gathered to celebrate the big moment. Hajime Isayama recruited some of his friends to ink Attack on Titan tributes for Bessatsu Shonen's latest issue, and fans are loving the hilarious crossovers.

As you can see here, Fuku Shuu gathered the magazine's Attack on Titan tributes in a single place. The black-and-white sketches are all penned by acclaimed manga artists, and the Colossal Titan features in a fair share of the pieces.

First off, Mogi Sayaka drew a hilarious sketch of the Colossal Titan chucking up a meal. The artist, if you did not know, is best-known for their work on Wolf Disciple of the Little Red Riding Hood. Aho-Girl's Hiroyuki also did a sketch which put its main character in a Survey Corps uniform.

Emoto Nao also put their characters into the world of Attack on Titan. Girl in the Desolate Season was brought into Paradis to fight the Colossal Titan, and Fujiwara Aoi did the same with Alicia's Diet Quest.

Most notably, Arakawa Hiromu did a sketch crossing over Fullmetal Alchemist and Attack on Titan. Kato Hironobu, Asahi Ryuu, Maybe, Oojiba Ken, and Ina Megumi also shared sketches.


Onio also did a wonderful tribute. The artist of Rough Sketch Senpai had its cast of giggly girls draw the Colossal Titan as the towering character did a sexy 'French Girl' pose. The rest of the tributes were rounded up by creators such as Nagato Chihiro, Shiba Mochi, Uchiyama Atsushi, Daioki, Miyamoto Shuyu, Nakamura Rikito, Izumi Irie, Satou Yuuki, Nara Ippei, Sadamatsu, Oshimi Shuzo, and Kawaguchi Takeshi.

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