New 'Attack On Titan' Leaks Hint At A New War

Warning! Massive spoilers for Attack on Titan's 100th chapter lie below!

At long last, Attack on Titan has reached an awaited manga milestone. The series will see its 100th chapter released this week, but leaks of the update have already hit the Internet. Fans have turned around the spoilers for readers desperate to learn more about the manga's new chapter, and it seems like war will come with Attack on Titan's 100th issue.

Over on Reddit, Korean scans of the Attack on Titan release went live today, and they have since been translated into English. The chapter follows up with Eren Jaeger and Reiner Braun as the pair meet underneath an interment camp in Marley. Willy Tybur is still speaking to a massive crowd about his country's secret history, but things go awry with the inheritor of the War Hammer Titan makes a plea.

"I hoped for the extinction of the Eldians. More than anyone else, but I don't want to die. It's because I was born in this world. Although our nations and races are different - for those who do not want to die - please lend me your strength," Willy tells the crowd. "By all means, I hope you live the future together with us!! Please fight together with me against the Devils of Paradis Island!!"

Continuing, the leaks reveal that Willy goes so far as to make a declaration of war whilst Eren sits in hiding.

"We can overcome any difficulties if all of us unite our powers!! I, Willy Tybur, as the envoy of the Marleyan Governement hope for world peace. I declare right here to the enemy forces of Paradis Island! A declaration of war," the Tybur leader explains.

Fans are not surprised to hear that war is coming for Attack on Titan, but they were shocked to see its inciting moments. Willy pleading Marleyans and Eldians to team up against Paradis is a bold move, and his ask was made all the more dire when Eren wound up shifting into his Titan form from underneath Willy. The surprise appearance adds weight to the idea that Paradis infiltrated Marley with an express plan to attack, and Eren's breakout moment could not have come at a more incriminating moment.


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