Did ‘Attack On Titan’ Actually Kill Off [SPOILER]?

Warning! Spoilers for Attack on Titan’s 110th chapter lie below!

Attack on Titan’s 100th chapter is out, and fans are reeling over its mind-blowing reveals. The packed chapter marks a point of no return for the franchise, but readers are concerned a pair of fan-favorite characters just bit the dust. Attack on Titan put Reiner and Falco directly in front of Eren’s shocking attack on Marley, so it’s easy to see why fans are worried.

However, fans shouldn’t worry too much about Reiner just yet.

Attack on Titan’s latest chapter ended with a stunning charge into war. Hundreds of citizens gathered to hear Willy Tybur reveal the hidden history of their country. The powerful man told crowds Paradis’ first ruler was actually an ally to Marley, but the island has since changed its stance now that Eren inherited the Founding Titan. Willy calls upon Marleyans and Eldians to go to war against Paradis, and the crowd roars in agreement. However, that cheer dulls when Eren transforms into his Titan form before them all.

Eren had been sitting underneath the stage with Reiner and Falco being held hostage. The former friends had a conversation about their pasts, and Reiner was crippled by his guilt. When Eren helped the man stand, he revealed he would keep fighting until all his enemies were taken care of, and Reiner only had time to widen his eyes. The boy moved back towards Falco before Eren exploded into his Titan form before all of Marley, and fans were left to believe the latter two had been crushed to death.


Attack on Titan’s next chapter will surely confirm the fate of Reiner and Falco, but readers are feeling better about their survival chances. Falco may just be a normal Eldian, but Reiner is the trained inheritor of the Armored Titan. The boy may wish for his own death, but Reiner will not let Falco die if he can help it. The Armored Titan can harden its entire body, so Reiner could have transformed to protect Falco. It’s also possible that Eren used his own Titan’s hardening gifts to cocoon the duo. The protagonist seems to have an understanding with Reiner these days, and Eren would not off a future ally if he could help it. There’s good reason to believe Reiner and his protege are alive, but their futures are in the balance now that Paradis has made its move against Marley.

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