Attack on Titan Season 3 Finale Sets Up Major New Series Conflict

The final episode of Attack on Titan season 3 lived up to its title by delivering a view of the world that waits "Beyond the Walls". Needless to say, the final set of reveals and developments have changed the entire premise of the series in a big way, so much so that Attack on Titan season 4 will be opening the door on a brave new world.

Of course, since this is Attack on Titan we're talking about, that brave new world won't be one of peace and love, but rather one that's about to be drenched in a whole lot of blood!

The final arc of Attack on Titan season 3 revealed the secret history of the world in which the series takes place. Eren Yeager, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, Hange and the rest of the Survey Corps' surviving members all learned that their existence as the last of Humanity Within the Walls is an utter lie; in truth, they come from a race of people called the "Subjects of Ymir," who are all born with the ability to transform into Titans.

The history of the territory inside the Walls, Paradis Island, turns out to be even darker. The Walls were created by the King of Eldia, the nation built by the Subjects of Ymir, to avoid more war bloodshed with Eldia's enemy Marley, and the civil wars within Eldia itself. As a deterrent, King Fritz decreed that if Paradis was attacked, he'd unleash an army of Colossal Titans hidden inside the walls, and then he used the power of the Coordinate Titan to erase the memories of the people, creating the myth of "Humanity Within the Walls".

Eren and Co. don't just learn this pivotal history themselves, they also share it with all of the people within the Walls, thereby exposing all of society to the truth. Eren gets the heaviest burden of knowledge, thanks to his connection to the Special Titan hosts of the past, like his father Grisha, which have revealed crucial memories that opened doors to Eren having bold new powers and perspective on the world. That new perspective led Eren to a major final realization: even after everything they've already been through, there's an even bloodier future on the horizon.


Eren and the Survey Corps now know that their true enemies are the nation of Marley, which is still waiting across the sea - not to mention the factions of Eldia that weren't loyal to King Fritz and Paradis Island. Eren's nemesis from the Reclamation of Shinganshina District, Zeke, is still leading Marley's quest to capture Eren and claim the Coordinate Titan. Zeke has the power of the Armored Titan (Reiner), Cart Titan, and Jaw Titan now in his grasp - and possibly more that we don't yet know about. But with the truth now in front of them, the Survey Corps can now finally bring the fight to Marley.

Attack on Titan will return for season 4, which will also be its final season.