'Attack on Titan' Season 3 Will Explore Mikasa's Big Crush

If you weren’t aware, Attack on Titan is heading for a comeback this year. The anime will [...]

If you weren't aware, Attack on Titan is heading for a comeback this year. The anime will release its third season this summer, giving fans a chance to check in on Paradis and its Survey Corps. However, the third season may surprise fans by directing them to a rather romantic story line involving Mikasa.

So, you have been warned! Potential spoilers for Attack on Titan lie below!

Recently, Animedia did a full interview with one of the show's animation producers. Nakatake Tetsuya revealed a bit of new info about Mikasa's role in the anime's third season, and it was there the producer referenced her big crush on a certain Titan Shifter.

"Mikasa... I'm aware of the fact that she likes Eren. This information, rather than being "brand new," is more like something everyone already knows, right," Nakatake said (via SNK News).

"No, we'll give everyone a fresh understanding of this concept. All in all, please anticipate the Mikasa in season 3 who is constantly worried about Eren."

So, there you have it. After Mikasa realized her feelings for Eren at the end of season two, the girl will be left to process how she feels about it. The two grew up as friends, and Eren turned into Mikasa's adoptive brother after her parents were murdered. Their relationship is a complicated one, and this growing crush on Mikasa's behalf is guaranteed to make things even more confusing. So, if you are ready to watch Mikasa go to war with her own emotions, then Attack on Titan will have something special in store for you.

For those unfamiliar with Attack on Titan, the series was originally created by Hajime Isayama. Starting its run in Kondansha's Bessatsu Shonen Magazine in 2009, the series has been collected into 23 volumes as of 2017. It's set in a world where the last remnants of humanity live within a walled city in order to escape the danger of the Titans, a race of giants monsters that eats humans. Eren Yeager joins the military with his two childhood friends Mikasa and Armin after the Titans break through the wall and attack his hometown.

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