'Attack on Titan' Reveals The War Hammer Titan

It took more than a hundred chapters, but Attack on Titan finally revealed one of its biggest mysteries to readers. The manga’s latest chapter introduced the War Hammer Titan to audiences after a very long wait, and the powerful character was well-worth all the patience.

If you are all caught up with Attack on Titan, then you will know things are falling apart in Marley. Eren Jaeger retaliated after the country declared war against Paradis by giving it a Grim Reminder of its own. After shifting into his Attack Titan form, Eren went on a rampage and ate Willy Tybur in hopes of inheriting the War Hammer Titan.

However, the family leader was not the one put in-charge of the power.

Desperate to find the Titan Shifter, Eren went on a mass killing spree, but he did not slay the person housing the War Hammer Titan. It was revealed that Willy’s sister was the actual inheritor of the beast, and she transformed into the War Hammer Titan before Eren in a truly epic sequence.

The Paradis soldier tried to kill the War Hammer Titan before it could fully transform, but the new Titan’s regeneration gifts were too strong. The new Titan used its earth-bending powers to send a spike through the Attack Titan's torso. The War Hammer Titan then made its deadly hammer with its powers and managed to decapitate the Attack Titan with a single blow.


Luckily for Eren, the boy was saved when Mikasa came to his aid. The War Hammer Titan was taken back by a series of impaled shockers, and Marley had no time to regroup before the Survey Corps made their surprising ambush. However, fans are fairly certain the War Hammer Titan has more to do before it dies, and its first task will be to destroy a certain Eren Jaeger.

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