Attack On Titan Season 4 Sees The Special Titans Collide In One Epic Battle

Attack On Titan lived up to its name like never before, during the latest season 4 episode, "Assualt". The episode saw the Survey Corps' ambush against the Marley Warriors enter its bloodiest phase, as both the forces of Paradis Island and Marley unleash their respective weapons from the special set of Nine Titans to battle it out for titan supremacy. Of the Nine Titans that have been the major MacGuffins of Attack On Titan's story, eight collide in this pivotal (and action-packed) episode: The Attack Titan, Founding Titan, Beast Titan, Cart Titan, Jaw Titan, War Hammer Titan, Colossal Titan - and a course, a cliffhanger return of the Armored Titan!

Warning: Attack On Titan anime episode 66 SPOILERS Follow!

The object of Eren Jaeger's mission in Marley becomes more than just eliminating the conglomerate of Marley's military and political leaders that had gathered together: it's a chance to secure an all-important new Titan ability. The sister of Marley's leader Willy Tybur, Lara Tybur, sprung her own trap as the War Hammer Titan, and between her hardening ability and the Jaw Titan's agility and ferociousness, Eren is nearly overwhelmed as the Attack Titan. Things get even more drastic at Pieck arrives with the Cart Titan and its machine gun regiment, which can easily pick off the Survey Corps warriors and their ODM gear. Finally, Zeke arrives as the Beast Titan with the Marley military, effectively cutting off the Survey Corps' retreat. In the chess game of Titan power, Eren looks like he'll be fatally outmaneuvered.

Or so it seems.

As it turns out, Eren planned the operation more thoroughly than Marley's Warriors surmise. While the main battle is taking place at the rally site, Armin sneaks out on the water and into the midst of Marley's Naval Fleet, which has cut off the sea and shore. Armin transforms into the Colossal Titan and the nuclear explosion wipes out the entire Naval fleet and the entire seaboard region of Marley. That destruction allows the Survey Corps to fly an airship into the region and extract the Survey Corps fighters.

Attack On Titan Season 4 66 Spoilers War Hammer Jaw Colossal Armored Titan Fight
(Photo: MAPPA)

While Armin springs his trap, Levi springs his own. As Zeke uses the Beast Titan to gather rocks for his devastating throw attack, Levi takes the moment of Zeke's supreme confidence to strike. Levi cuts the Beast Titan at the nape of the neck, felling Zeke at least for the moment. With their commander down, Marley's Warriors quickly come apart: the Cart Titan is taken out by Sasha's sniping and Jean's brutal assault; Mikasa cuts off the Jaw Titan's legs, allowing Eren's Attack Titan to use the jaws to crack the War Hammer Titan's hardened case for the user, so Eren can eat Lara Tybur and claim the War Hammer as his own. The episode ends with Eren about to take the Jaw Titan power as well, only to be interrupted as the Armored Titan finally arises again so that Reiner and Eren can have their true rematch.


The only one of the Nine Titans missing from this fight was the Female Titan. That Titan is still bonded to Annie Leonhart, who was captured by the Survey Corps. Annie saved herself by encasing her human form in an unbreakable hardened shell; that should no longer be a problem if Eren can return home with the War Hammer Titan's powers.

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