Avatar The Last Airbender Cosplay Classes It Up With Fancy Toph

Avatar The Last Airbender arrived on the streaming service of Netflix earlier this year, allowing fans to revisit the series that made Aang and his gang household names among animation fans, and one cosplayer has brought back the earth bender Toph with some exceptionally fancy cosplay! Toph is a fan favorite character who became an essential part of Aang's journey to defeat the Fire Nation, while also making an appearance in the Legend of Korra, showing how much she was able to grow in power over the years, with the Earth Kingdom learning how to bend metal in the sequel series!

Recently, it was announced that Toph would be making a return via a graphic novel titled "Toph Beifong's Metalbending Academy", apparently documenting how the Earth Bender was able to teach her skills to a new generation of earth bending! When Toph first debuted her ability to metal bend, she was able to use this technique in a number of unique ways, eventually being able to manipulate the metal around her to form a suit of armor. Toph was forced at one point to wear a "fancy dress" by Katara as a part of visiting the "Fancy Lady Day Spa", putting her into an uncomfortable position for the earth bender that would normally walk around shoeless!

Instagram Cosplayer Riona Faye shared this impressive take on Toph wearing an outfit that she wasn't accustomed to, trading in her usual attire that was made for earth bending and instead participating in a girls' day out as a part of visiting the Fancy Lady Day Spa:

Avatar The Last Airbender is set to receive a live action series that will adapt Aang and his friends once again, and we're looking forward to seeing who the streaming service of Netflix will cast to portray the blind earth bender. With Daredevil no longer appearing with new seasons of Netflix, the streaming service could certainly use a new blind hero to take the reins!

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