Berserk Creator Announces New Project Duranki

If there was ever a "George R.R. Martin" of the manga world, it would be Kentaro Miura, in more ways than one. With the series Berserk beginning in 1989, fans have been dying to see the series resolved and the final confrontation between the stoic, violence inducing Guts and the "righteous", albeit totally evil, Griffith. Berserk fans unfortunately may have to wait a little bit longer as even though the manga is looking to end its hiatus with an upcoming chapter release, Miura is dipping his toes into a new manga project entitled Duranki.

Twitter User Manga Mogura posted the info about the upcoming manga that, while a not of information has been released, will seemingly still focus on the world of magic with mystical creatures shown in the one piece of promotional art:

Berserk is one of the most intricately drawn manga around and its delays are certainly understandable when you look at just how much detail Miura puts into each panel. While it has managed to create a subsequent amount of anime adaptations in the form of two anime series and a string of films, fans have received these with mixed reception across the board. Whether or not the world of Guts, Griffith, and Casca will be revisited in anime once again is still up in the air though the producer of the Netflix Castlevania series, Ari Shankar, is certainly alluding to trying his hand at creating his own interpretation.

(Photo: Bandai Namco)

Not much is known about Duranki yet at this time, outside of the fact that it is beginning this September from the same publication that allowed Miura to bring Guts' world to life. Whether or not it takes place in the same continuity as Berserk is yet to be seen, but we'll be sure to keep you posted.

Are you dying to see the end of Berserk's story take place? What do you think of the Miura trying his hand at a new manga in the mean time with Duranki? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Berserk!


Berserk was originally created by Kentaro Miura for Monthly Animal House magazine (now Young Animal) in 1989. The series follows Guts, an immensely strong warrior who is known for his massive sword. Guts lives his days fighting in a demon-infested medieval world where corrupt nobles rule. The hero is plagued by demon assailants thanks to a curse he had branded on him, and Guts continues to fight in order to keep a vow. The man promised to slay a former friend of his who became a demon and ripped away Guts' former life.