BTS Founder Talks BigHit Entertainment's Next Idol Group

The world of k-pop is a growing one thanks to technology, and no name is growing faster than BigHit Entertainment. The small company is one of South Korea’s smaller entertainment firms, but its name has gone global thanks to BTS. The insanely popular group is the brainchild of BigHit’s CEO Bang Shihyuk.

So, really, it isn’t surprising to know the producer is already looking at his company’s next group. It just may take a bit of time to get the team ready.

Recently, Bang sat down for an interview with Bloomberg where he spoke about BigHit’s intense growth. The producer hinted at his company’s interest to go public with its IPO, but fans were more eager to key into his talk of a brand-new idol group.

According to Bloomberg, Bang said “he’s preparing to introduce a new boy band” into the k-pop market. The CEO plans to use his “secret formula” which Bang believes can be replicated with other k-pop bands interested in topping the U.S. charts.

Right now, there are no set plans for BigHit’s second team to debut, but Bang is thinking carefully about the group even so. Bloomberg explained that Bang is currently weighing his company’s options when it comes to promoting a new group. The decision to either “team up with a music giant” or “go it alone and directly strike deals” with foreign companies is one of the biggest hurdles Bang is facing right now.

Fans of BTS have known for sometime that another group would eventually debut under the megastars. BigHit currently accepts male trainees for its idol program, and a handful of those hopeful stars have been spotted at various BTS events. After having trained for so long, BigHit will want to recoup the investment it put into the trainees by debuting their unique styles to the public. However, the company wants to do so smartly.


BTS is currently k-pop’s new “it” group thanks to their recent success abroad. Whether in South Korea or Brazil, BTS will find dedicated fans of theirs eager to support them, and BigHit won’t want to mess with that magic. For the time being, BTS is the company’s top priority, but that will one day change. And, when it does, fans of BTS will be left to split their BigHit-loving hearts between two groups.

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