Stunning Black Clover Cosplay Brings Noelle and Secre to Life

Black Clover's anime continues to be one of the most popular series in the world with over 100 episodes in its belt at the time of this writing, and much of that popularity is due to the expanded roster of characters that we have been introduced to over the course of its tenure. Although Black Clover began at a much more humble place than it is now, as Asta and the other Black Bulls prepare to take on their next big threat all of the characters in the series are starting to progress in their own ways. This is especially true for Noelle Silva, who has become a staple of the series' core.

As one of the main heroines of the series, Noelle has fought tooth and nail to get to the point where she can control her water magic. But along the way, Noelle also found herself surprisingly having feelings for Asta. She might not be able to admit it to herself outright, but all the clues are there. Especially when she comes across "rivals" like Nero's adorable human form.

The duo of Noelle and Secre is one that fans definitely want to see more of, and to help in that matter is artist @mk_ays (who you can find on Instagram here), who brought not only Noelle Silva to life through cosplay but also tapped into Nero's adorable human form Secre for good measure. Check out these great looks below:

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Nero's human form, officially named Secre, was officially unveiled towards the end of the Reincarnation arc of the series. It turned out that she had been hiding in her bird form for over 500 years in anticipation of a Devil attack, and after the arc came to an end she became an official member of the Black Bulls squad. Now Noelle has another "rival" in love, so she better figure out her feelings fast!

Which of the Black Bulls are your favorites in the Black Clover anime? If Noelle and Secre were forced to fight, which one of them would win? Do you think Noelle has feelings for Asta? How do you think Asta and Secre relate to one another? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!