Black Clover Opening Teases Anime Original Training Arc

When Black Clover debuts a new opening and ending theme for the anime it's usually quite a huge event as the openings for the series tend to have plenty of teases and first looks at characters and events from the manga that have yet to be introduced. But as fans noticed with the latest opening theme sequence debuted with the latest episode of the series, there weren't too many allusions or reveals of future characters because the anime will be hanging around the Heart Kingdom for a little longer than Yuki Tabata's original manga did.

We're in uncharted territory as the anime prepares for a completely original arc emphasizing the six month training period skipped over between Chapters 228 and 229 of the manga, and the eleventh opening theme sequence for the series ("Stories" as performed by Snowman) teases what's to come in this new story as Asta and a few others train in the Heart Kingdom.

Black Clover's latest couple of episodes have introduced fans to a power level system that the nations of this world use to compare themselves to one another. Separating mages into "Stages" (with Stage 0 being the strongest and Stage 9 being the weakest), the Heart Kingdom's Queen Lolopechka reveals that the mages of the Spade Kingdom are using the power of Devils and Asta and the others will need to be able to fight on the level of Stage 0 to stand a chance.

The eleventh opening theme sequence debuted with Episode 129 of the anime, and it also kicked off this original arc by explaining what needs to happen. As Lolopechka has been cursed by the Devil Megicula and is set to die in a year, the Heart and Clover Kingdoms need to team together and train for six months in order to raise their Stages and abilities.


Asta has an edge given his anti-magic, and is thus placed on the "Arcane Stage" alongside Captain Yami's dark magic, the Wizard King Julius' time magic, and Nero's sealing magic, but he needs to train alongside the others to be strong enough to use this devil abilities. It's why we see him fighting off the water knights summoned by Lolopechka in the new opening too. Now it's just a matter of waiting to see just how strong everyone will get!

There's no telling how long this original anime arc will last just yet, but how long do you want to see this training arc for? Are you curious to see what the Black Clover anime will do differently with this period skipped over in the manga? What kinds of training are you hoping to see? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!