The Internet Cannot Unsee This ‘Black Panther’ and ‘Dragon Ball’ Connection

So far, Black Panther is the movie to beat in 2018. The standout film debuted less than a week ago, but it has already crushed dozens of box-office records. Millions have sat down for the movie, but anime fans couldn't get one Black Panther baddie off their minds.

That is, until they figured out why Erik Killmonger was giving them serious Vegeta vibes. Spoilers below!

Yes, the main antagonist of Black Panther shook thousands of fans, but anime lovers focused on him for another reason entirely. The baddie, who is played by Michael B. Jordan, has an undeniable charisma and unending thirst for power. And, when you put a photo of him beside Vegeta, the pair look eerily similar.

As you can see above, one fan did the comparison for you. Vegeta may be an alien who hails from the Saiyan race, but he shares a fashion style with Killmonger. The side-by-side photo shows the Black Panther villain wearing a costume comparable to the one Vegeta rocks. Both men are seen in long-sleeved blue tops and vests. Really, if Akira Toriyama wanted to give Vegeta a more realistic get-up, he would probably choose to suit up like Killmonger.

The duo's similarities do not end at their clothing; No, Vegeta and Killmonger have another big thing in common. Both characters hail from a royal bloodline, but they are left jaded after their dads are killed. Killmonger gains power to exact revenge on the Wakandan throne for the act, and Vegeta strives for more power to one day overthrow Freeza.

Their desire for power is unending, and they share an unbreakable sense of pride. Vegeta could not be more attached to his code of honor, and Killmonger is the same. They will kill, betray, and cheat all in the name of gaining power. And, as fans have seen, both men will even put their lives on the line when their pride is threatened.

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