'Bleach' Spinoff Revisits Hueco Mundo, Sets Up Ichigo's Return

It has been awhile since fans got new Bleach content, but the trend is changing this year. In a [...]

It has been awhile since fans got new Bleach content, but the trend is changing this year. In a few months, the franchise is slated to debut its first live-action feature, and Bleach is also publishing its spinoff once again. And, thanks to some new translations, fans have learned what is going down in the story's latter half.

So, you've been warned! There are spoilers below!

Over on Reddit, translation summaries for Bleach: Can't Fear Your Own World have gone live. The spinoff, which is penned by Ryohgo Narita, picks up six months after Bleach's last arc closed. Its second installment made its debut not too long ago, and translators have revealed some big things which go down in the new chapter.

As it turns out, the story begins in Hueco Mundo. The second chapter picks up at the Los Noches fortress that is still inhabitable. The base, which once housed Aizen Sosuke's operations, was torn apart by the Sternritter during the 'Thousand-Year Blood War' arc. By the time this chapter reaches the world, it has yet to be repaired.

The chapter confirms Tier Halibel is now the ruler of Hueco Mundo and works with other Arrancar such as Nelliel Tu Odelschvank. The two notice that Grimmjow has gone missing, and Neliel is concerned the blue-haired fighter went to pick on Ichigo. However, it seems Grimmjow went to the Soul Society to protect Hueco Mundo on his own terms to the confusion of his comrades.

The chapter's other big drop came in the form of an attack. The second installment sees Hisagi return to Karakura Town and meet up with Urahara at his shop. The two have a deep talk about the morality of Soul Reapers, but their conversation is cut when a mysterious threat appears. Karakura Town is said to be surrounded by an anime threat, leaving the two Soul Reapers to arm themselves. With the city in danger, fans think there is a good chance Narita will bring in Ichigo for even just a cameo when the spinoff returns. After all, the orange-haired hero would definitely notice the enemy's incongruous power, and Ichigo isn't one to let Karakura Town come under attack on his watch.

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