'Boruto' Reveals Sasuke's True Feelings about his 'Naruto' History

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations latest episode was all about Boruto's Team 7 teammates trying to hold their own in the Chunin Exams semifinal rounds (with middling success, after a shocking surrender). However, the action-packed episode ended on a different and much more contemplative note, with Sasuke reflecting on his own character arc within the Naruto franchise.

For longtime Naruto fans, hearing Sasuke's views on his own history was truly a the culmination of nearly two decades of storytelling and character development. The famed Shinobi was continuing to train Boruto by night out in the forest, attempting to entice Boruto with the notion that his lightning jutsu could one day become something much more powerful.

Sasuke's lesson to Boruto was that training was key to the young shinobi developing his power - and not something he could do alone. In a way that only Sasuke could, the shinobi recounted the story of a young shinobi who wanted to change the world, and traveled the world trying to obtain greater power. As Sasuke tells it, that young man eventually went down a wrong path, and was only redeemed by a loyal friend.

Here's Sasuke's monologue in his own words (as per to the English Sub translation):

"There once was a man who refused to heed the words of others, and sought power regardless of the method... and tried to change the world all by himself."

And after Boruto inquires about what happened to the man in question:

"He paid for it dearly. However, in the end, a friend saved him."

Boruto 60 Sasuke Reflects on his Naruto Series History

Ever the impatient youngster, Boruto's takeaways from the parable is that friends are important to have - and that he doesn't need to worry about becoming the man in the story, because he has great people already around him. With his stoic demeanour, it's hard to tell what Sasuke makes of Borurto's carefree response.

Naruto fans have every reason to be moved by how far Sasuke has come in the franchise. From being vengeful little brother of Itachi Uchiha; to the lost criminal vagabond trying to amass power for himself; to the angry young man that faced Naruto in that final clash in the Valley of the End - Sasuke has seen one of the most dynamic character arcs in the series, aside from Naruto himself. In fact, the "Sasuke vs Naruto" battles remain some of the most intense and emotional sequences that fans still rave about.

One of the best parts of the Boruto series has been getting an expanded view of how Sasuke's life as Hidden Leaf's "Supporting Shadow" has changed him, and what his legacy looks like, passed down to his daughter Sarada. It's rare to hear Sasuke speak with such deep reflective wisdom and self-awareness, which will only make fans love him that much more!


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