'Naruto' Just Gave Boruto Some Big Powerups

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations latest episode "Father and Child" saw the story arc about the Chunin Exams and the new Otsutsuki threat both come to a close, as Naruto, Sasuke and Boruto had to unite to defeat the fused form of Momoshiki and Kinshiki Otsutsuki. In order to win that battle, Naruto and Sasuke had to combine their powers in an epic tag-team battle with Momoshiki - and when that wasn't enough, Boruto had to step up and finish the fight!

Once Momoshiki was defeated, we got a curious epilogue that set up Boruto's next big story arc, and as part of that setup, we got a some big reveals about this decisive battle will forever change Boruto's life, going forward.

Here are some of the new power-ups that Boruto has now unlocked as a result of his battle with Momoshiki:

  • The Vanishing Rasengan - When Momoshiki has Sasuke, Naruto and The Five Kages immobilized by Shadow Imitation Technique, Boruto must summon a Rasengan to take down Momoshiki. Boruto tosses the attack, which seemingly vanishes before it can connect - only to surprise Momoshiki, Naruto, and even Boruto when it takes Momoshiki down. As Sasuke reveals, he realized early on that Boruto had stumbled onto a brand new technique, "The Vanishing Rasengan."
  • Father and Child Rasengan - Boruto's Vanishing Rasengan takes Momoshiki down for a moment, but it's not enough. To finish Momoshiki for good, Boruto has his Rasengan exponentially boosted by Naruto's chakra, which allows Boruto to see the will and spirit of camaraderie that has allowed Naruto and his friends to manifest some powerful Rasengan throughout the series. When it comes time for the killing blow, Boruto is able to push his Rasengan through Momoshiki's competing blast, and finish the Otsutsuki monster off.
  • The Seal - When Boruto kills Momoshiki, the villain ends up making some king of mental or spiritual contact with the young boy. Communicating across some kind of metaphysical plane, Momoshiki informs Boruto that "killing a god" is an act that will forever change the "Human Child." Boruto's right hand is left with a serious burn, while Momoshiki leaves him with a mysterious seal that will play a bigger role in future story arcs.
  • The Jogan - Boruto has been able to access his mysterious Jogan eye since the series began, but Momoshiki's final warning is to the young ninja is pretty ominous, stating that the blue eye will eventually rob him of everything he loves. If anything, this foreshadow sets Boruto up to access the Jogan's full power in the upcoming story arcs.

"Father and Child" will go down as the pivotal turning point in Boruto when the young ninja took his first steps away from his time as a petulant young boy, and moved toward becoming the greatest Shinobi of all time, as we saw in the series' flash-foward opening scene. It will be exciting to see how Boruto begins to explore and incorporate these new abilities, starting with the upcoming episode, "My Story!"

You can catch the new episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu.