New 'Boruto' Chunin Exam Promo Roasts Naruto

Boruto is a full year in, and it looks like the anime has something special for fans. After a long wait, the anime is poised to get its ‘Chunin Exam’ arc going as Team 7 prepares to enter the tournament. However, it seems like Naruto may want to keep an eye on his son during the whole thing.

No, not because of what happened during Boruto: Naruto the Movie. This time, the vigilance is for Naruto’s safety since his son keeps sassing him.

Over on Tumblr, a brand-new promo for the next Boruto arc went live after a TV network in Japan aired the special reel. As you can see here, the short clip shows several of the Leaf Village’s newest ninja as they level with their dads about the Chunin Exams. So, it isn’t surprising to see Boruto roast his father.

The clip may be in Japanese, but that makes Boruto’s sly diss all the better. The boy is seen telling Naruto he will become a Chunin way before the elder does. Naturally, the critique gets Naruto furious and the village hero reminds Boruto that he is the Hokage.

Hokage. Genin. Eh, what’s the difference when you are Naruto Uzumaki?

Fans might think the joke is hilarious, but it isn’t exactly false. Recently, Boruto did confirm Naruto was still a genin despite saving the world time and again. After meeting with one of Boruto’s classmates, Naruto told his son’s friends that he was also a genin like them, and Iwabe did not know whether he should laugh or cry over the stunning admission.


If you're not familiar with Naruto, here is a brief rundown: The series follows its titular hero named Uzumaki Naruto as the ninja strives to become his village's most powerful fighter. After being orphaned at birth, the hero became his hometown's pariah as a powerful demon was sealed into him. Naruto is determined to prove he isn't a dead-last, so he decides he will become the Hokage of the Leaf Village to make others acknowledge him. However, the boy's dream is not an easy one to reach as political corruption, extremist organizations, and supernatural plots threaten the entire ninja world.

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