New Boruto Synopsis Sets Up a Big Naruto Battle

When it comes to Boruto, things are starting to all heat up in the anime. The show has finally [...]

When it comes to Boruto, things are starting to all heat up in the anime. The show has finally gotten up to speed with its latest manga adaptations. While the show has a long way to go before catching up with the manga, but things are starting to shape up. After all, a new synopsis has gone out for the anime, and it teases a big fight in Naruto's future.

If you are caught up with Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, then you will know Naruto Uzumaki has a lot on his plate. Not only is the hero overseeing the safety of the Hidden Leaf, but the Hokage has a new threat to deal with. Kara has nothing but bad plans up its sleeve, and Naruto is set to face one of its Inner Members before long.

Boruto Naruto Hokage Anime
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According to the new synopsis, Kawaki and Boruto are coming together as friends despite their rocky introduction. And as expected, the Hokage is keeping a close eye on the pair. "Kawaki is closely connected to Kara, an organization that has been making suspicious movements in and around the Hidden Leaf Village, and Naruto has been keeping a close eye on Kawaki," the blurb reads (via abdul_s17).

Continuing, the synopsis teases the introduction of Delta, and it seems her desire to take back Kawaki is going to put her up against Naruto soon. "One day, Delta - an inner member of Kara who refers to Kawaki as the vessel - appears in front of Boruto and the rest to take Kawaki back. Finally, Kara begins to take action... A fierce battle between Naruto and Konoha shinobi versus Kara is about to begin."

Clearly, Kara is about to make its moves against the Hidden Village, and Boruto is going to get caught in the middle of everything. Naruto isn't going to let any body become a vessel on his watch, but we're not sure what kind of power Delta has. So as it stands, these two will face off in a big way as the summer draws nearer.

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