Boruto Reveals Its Most Disturbing Transformation Yet

When you talk about anime transformations, there are a few staples which come to mind. Obviously, Super Saiyan tops the list along with Sailor Moon's lovely makeover, but Naruto has a good few to its name. Now, Boruto is following in the steps of predecessor, and it revealed what might be the sequel's most upsetting form yet.

So you have been warned! There are spoilers for the latest episode of Boruto below:

This week's episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations went out over the weekend, and it was there fans watch the Hozuki Castle arc come to an end. The tense arc closed with Team 7 escaping the prison with Kokuri in tow, but they were chased the entire time by another Mujina Bandit. At one point, the gang thought their war had died, but Kokuri rose from the sea alive as ever... or at least, that is what Team 7 thought.

It turns out Kokuri did in fact die, and it was Shojoji who rose from thee water. The leader of the Mujina Bandits murdered his former associate underwater and ate his brain so he could use his Corpse Clone Jutsu. Of course, that is a rather awful way to die, but things got even worse for fans when they were forced to watch Shojoji transforms from Kokuri back to himself.

You can find the video above but you should know it is plenty unsettling. A close shot is shown of Kokuri licking his lips before his shadowed profile appears. The terrifying scene then shows Kokuri body ripping apart to make way for Shojoji, and the sound it makes is more than enough to satisfy our curiosity. For once, fans are glad Boruto censored this moment because - well - no one really needs to see the particulars of this gruesome transformation.


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