Did 'Boruto' Just Hint That Kakashi Has A Son?

Boruto saw its anime debut back in April, but the show took time to graduate its heroes. This week’s episode of the series finally saw Boruto and the gang get their ninja headbands, but one of the kids sparked an intense conspiracy.

After all, Houka Taketori looks way too much like Kakashi for fans to ignore.

If you watched Boruto’s latest episode, then you will have seen close-ups of the Taketori child. The fighter was assigned to Team 25 by the episode’s end, but fans were way more interested in discussing his parentage. Houka’s messy brown hair and face had audiences flashing back to Kakashi’s youth, so some began to wonder rightly if the silver-haired ninja may have had a son.

However, fans should not get their hopes up. Kakashi does not seem like the guy to just avoid his child.

Yes, Houka may look like Kakashi, but much of that resemblance comes from his attire. The genin wears his ninja headband the way Kakashi did for years. The leader of Team 7 did so to hide his Sharingan, but there is no telling whether Houka adopted the style for a functional reason. The kid also wears his hair like Kakashi and even dons a face mask. The Sixth Hokage could be the boy’s biggest hero, and fans know kids will do a lot to emulate those they respect.


As far as audiences know, Kakashi never got married or had a child with any ninja. Masashi Kishimoto refrained from pairing the ninja with anyone though many had hoped Anko would become Mrs. Hatake. Houka may wish he were the son of Kakashi, but the kid actually hails from an entire different clan. As a member of the Taketori clan, Houka comes from a very obscure clan that was once said to be close with the Hyuuga family.

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