'Boruto' Nearly Saw Sasuke's Daughter Kiss [SPOILER]

If you thought Sasuke Uchiha had maxed out his intimidation levels, then think again. The clan leader has a daughter these days, and fans can just imagine how protective Sasuke will get over his heir.

So, if that is the case, Boruto better start praying. The kid did just accidentally put a move on Sarada Uchiha.

In the latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, fans watched as Boruto fell into a tricky spot. The ninja and his classmates finally graduated from The Academy, and they were waiting to learn about their genin squads. When all the kids gathered in their homeroom, Boruto and Sarada began a tense conversation, but a simple trip but the boy in untold danger.

When Naruto’s son slipped forward, the anime showed Boruto falling into Sarada and her lips. In the background, ChoCho could be seen looking stunned if not horrified by the encounter, and fans could hear a distinct smooching sound. However, it looks like Sarada managed to save her innocence by a hair.

After a moment, the camera angle shifted to show that Sarada had shoved her foot into Boruto’s face. The blond ninja had his fall intercepted by Sasuke’s daughter, and Sarada was able to keep her lips safe from Boruto.

Surely, Sasuke wishes he could say the same about his blond friend.


In the original Naruto anime, fans will remember that Sasuke had a similar moment to the one Sarada just had. After the pair graduated, Naruto and Sasuke had an intense glare-off in their homeroom while Sakura and Ino watched on. When Naruto was bumped, the knucklehead dove forward and locked lips with a stunned Sasuke. The moment became an infamous one within the fandom as Naruto lost his first kiss to the Uchiha, and it seems Boruto just tried to make light of the hilarious moment with this throwback.

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