'Boruto' Fans Are Fuming Over This Controversial Manga Cover

It has been over a year since Naruto came to an end, but the legacy Masashi Kishimoto made has yet to fade. The creator may not be inking Naruto’s sequel, but Kishimoto is overseeing the work Ikemoto does on the series. So, it is only a matter of time before Shueisha catches wind of Boruto’s latest controversy.

Not long ago, the 19th chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations went live. The update followed up on the new Team 7 as Konohamaru’s team went to save their jounin following an abnormal mission. Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki went off with a Leaf Village scientist to see what’s up, but some fans took offense to the release.

After all, its cover artwork did make some readers feel a bit too uncomfortable.

(Photo: Shueisha )

The piece, which can be seen above, is a simple one. There is no gore or trippy visuals to make audiences queasy. However, the cover’s depiction of Sarada and Sumire has made plenty of fans livid. As you can see, Sarada is seen wearing a short, tight dress with some ridiculous high heels. Sumire also looks sexualized with her own black pumps, narrowed gaze, and minidress with its skirt blown up.

Honestly, it is a surprise you cannot see Sumire’s underwear in the image.

Imagery like this is not strange one in the manga industry, but Naruto fans are taking offense due to these girls’ ages. In the story, Sarada and Sumire are only about 12 or 13. The sexualized details of this cover feel rather inappropriate as such.


This is not the first time fans have risen up against Ikemoto for his sexualized drawings. Back in June, the manga artist drew ire for a costume change he gave to Sarada. The girl was given heeled booties and a midriff baring top to match. Another chapter cover even saw Sarada pouting as she bit onto her glasses with a teasing glance. And, as you may have expected. fans went to social media to question the decision.

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