'Boruto' Reintroduced All The 'Naruto' Kages

In episode 24 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, fans watched as the 7th Hokage in Naruto called for another Kage summit. In the past this event was quite rare, as the five great nations were always fighting each other, however, this is now quite common.

Since the end of the 4th Great Shinobi War, the world between the five great nations has been peaceful, with all the Kage becoming comrades to fight an evil force threatening the world. However, peace amongst the five great nations might not last and that is why Naruto has called for the summit, although; these were not the familiar Kage fans once knew.

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Now I don't mean that there is trouble between the five villages, instead, there is an inter-dimensional enemy who has caught the attention of each Kage. As a result, the 6th Mizukage in Chojuro, 5th Raikage in Darui, the 5th Kazekage in Gaara and the 4th Tsuchikage in Kurotsuchi, met with Naruto to discuss the enemy.

Apart from Gaara who was Kazekage during the 4th Great Shinobi War and Naruto who fans have already seen, this the first time Boruto fans have seen the other new Kage's since the beginning of the series. In addition, over the next few weeks, fans will learn more about Chojuro and his village, as the Konoha academy students head to the Hidden Mist.

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You can check out the synopsis for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations below:

"The village of Konoha has managed to change, modernized next to an era of peace. Raising high constructions, large computer monitors of transmission of images (televisions last generation), divisions and divisions (streets) connected to run (to mobilize) electric cars, The way to live in the ninja era has changed ...

The leader of the village is, the Seventh Hokage. Boruto is the son of Naruto Uzumaki, to become a ninja must enroll in the school "ninja academy". But the students in the surroundings see Boruto with prejudiced eyes for the thing of being "the son of the seventh Hokage". However, Boruto has unprecedented capabilities.

5TH Raikage
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Boruto will meet new friends, and there will be an incident mystery how he will face this challenge, inside the heart of the whole team, now the story of "Boruto Uzumaki," begins."