'Dragon Ball Super's Voice of Vegeta Gives Britney Spears Parenting Advice

The worlds of anime and pop-culture collided in the most unlikely way recently, when pop superstar Britney Spears revealed her son's Dragon Ball fan-art in a social media post. Naturally, there's been a big fan reaction to Brittany's Dragon Ball reference - enough that iconic Dub voice actor Christopher Sabat has posted a response!

Christopher Sabat Responds Brittney Spears Dragon Ball Artwork

The #TeamVegeta fans are pretty much their own sub-culture of the Dragon Ball fandom - and with good reason: Because Vegeta is awesome. In fact, fans are still reeling from seeing Vegeta unlock a new transformation that no one saw coming - one that we are still learning official details about.

In the real-world, Vegeta mania is only growing. We recently posted about a fan who tattooed a massive Vegeta and Beerus mural on her body, which resonated with Vegeta fans all over the Interwebs. That's all to say: Christopher Sabat is doing Britney Spears a favor with that advice: like every young person, her son is in a place where deciding if he's a "Vegeta" or a "Goku" could determine the course of the rest of his life. It shouldn't be taken lightly...


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