BTS Reclaims Its Roots In Colorful MV Teaser For 'IDOL'

ARMY, are you ready? This week, BTS will go live with its latest album, and the mega group has [...]

ARMY, are you ready? This week, BTS will go live with its latest album, and the mega group has shared its first-look at their next music video. Taking to Youtube, a teaser for "IDOL" has been released, and it seems like the K-pop act has another hit on its hand.

As you can see above, the teaser for "IDOL" is a short one. The single, which will be featured on Love Yourself: Answer, seems to be a lively techno track. The teaser itself dips into a bright color palate, and it houses some interesting iconography.

Each member of BTS is shown in turn, but it is their look that fans are buzzing about. As you can see, each singer is seen wearing contemporary takes on traditional Korean garments. In fact, the members are shown in updated hanboks, a piece of clothing dating back to the 3rd century BCE before it was revived during the Joseon dynasty.

In a fashionable turn, BTS' new music video will bring the past into the present by melding two different eras into one. The group, which has become famous for its progressive concepts, is poised to put their own twist on Korean history as "IDOL" pays homage to BTS' heritage. And, as always, the K-pop act will add a little swag to the venture; When you have guys like Suga and RM in the squad, it's impossible to avoid that kind of makeover.

So far, there is no word on which other tracks from BTS' new album will get a music video. You can check out its full track list below:

Side A:
Trivia: Just Dance
Serendipity (Full Length Edition)
보조개 (Dimple)
Trivia: Love
전하지 못한 진심 (The Truth Untold, Feat. Steve Aoki)
Trivia: Seesaw
I'm Fine
Answer: Love Myself

Side B:
Magic Shop
Best Of Me
고민보다 Go (Go Go)
MIC Drop
DNA (Pedal 2 LA Mix)
FAKE LOVE (Rocking Vibe Mix)
MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) [Full Length Edition]

BTS will release its new album "Love Yourself: Answer" on August 24. Will you be checking it out? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!