BTS, Nicki Minaj Collab Rumors Surface Following Shazam Leak

In a matter of days, netizens will become bombarded with all things BTS. The massive pop group is [...]

In a matter of days, netizens will become bombarded with all things BTS. The massive pop group is slated to share its new album on Friday, and it seems a reported leak has revealed one of the group's big collaborations.

So, if you thought BTS x Nicki Minaj would never happen, think again.

Earlier today, the company behind BTS released the K-pop act's first music video teaser for Love Yourself: Answer. The track "IDOL" will be the album's first to get a music video, and the short reel held a snippet of the song. And, if you run that track through Shazam, something interesting happens.

As you can see above, fans began to Shazam the track after "IDOL" was teased. When the app IDs the single, it comes up as "Idol" by BTS featuring Nicki Minaj.

Of course, fans were fast to share the news, and the buzz was swift. Now, Minaj is hyping those rumors by liking tweets on social media mentioning the surprise collaboration. So far, BTS has kept quiet on the rumor, but fans admit they can see the collab coming through.

After all, Minaj is familiar with features, and BTS has the clout these days to catch the rapper's attention. Not only has the K-pop act become a global powerhouse with its brand, but its singles reign high on the Billboard Chart and stay there. With a new album to her name, Minaj is looking to dominate the rap game, and BTS' hip-hop vibe makes the pair a good match.

Of course, this isn't the first U.S. collaboration BTS will have had. Not only has the group worked with The Chainsmokers, but their fame rocketed shortly after BTS did a remix of "MIC Drop" with Steve Aoki and Desiigner last year. Currently, fans think "Idol" may undergo a similar treatment wherein it gets an original track on Love Yourself: Answer before an international remix featuring Minaj is released separately.

BTS will release its new album, Love Yourself: Answer, on Aug. 24th. Will you be checking it out? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!