Ai Kamachi, a Composer for Clannad, Dies at 48

The anime fandom has found itself mourning the loss of Ai Kamachi after reports of her death were publicized in Japan. The composer-musician was well known for creating popular tracks in anime franchises like Clannad. She was 48 years old.

According to Yahoo Japan, the composer passed away at the end of May from undetermined reasons. The musician, who was trained on the piano, helped bring life to some truly impressive songs during her career. Of course, Clannad has plenty of moving music, but Kamachi also did the music for other shows.

Aside from Clannad After Story, the composer also worked on Angel Beats! as well as Charlotte. Still, most otaku fans will know Kamachi for her work in the group ANANT-GARDE EYES. The pianist was part of the duet alongside Tatsuo Nagami, otherwise known as nagie.

Today, fans are left to mourn the loss of Kamachi alongside her friends. Lia, a popular musician in Japan, took to Twitter to mourn her friend's death with a sweet message.

"The music created by Ai is my treasure. I am very thankful to have worked in music production for a long time and deliver wonderful music to all of you. I met a wonderful artist named Ai Kamachi and will continue to love her music. I miss her very much."


Our thoughts are with Kamachi's loved one during this difficult time. May she rest in peace.