Cowboy Bebop Funko Moment Is On Sale at GameStop

Looking to get started on your holiday shopping for your favorite anime lover in your life? Well [...]

Looking to get started on your holiday shopping for your favorite anime lover in your life? Well today is the day for you as Gamestop is holding a one day sale that recreates one of the most memorable scenes in anime history. Cowboy Bebop has always been a legendary franchise, following the story of Spike Spiegel and his crew attempting to survive in the outlaw-ish territory of outer space by bounty hunting. In the first fight of the series between Spike and his arch-enemy Vicious, the moment in time where the battle was at its most brutal has been recreated with this Funko Pop figure, which is only $9 until the end of the day today, November 27th (or until supplies run out). The same goes for this Batman and Catwoman Movie Moment Pop figure.

Twitter User DisFunko shared the Gamestop "Deal of the Day" that allows fans to pick up the Funko Pop that depicts one of the most iconic scenes from Cowboy Bebop, with Vicious and Spike at one anothers' throats in a dance that inevitably leads to their deaths at the end of the series:

For today only, you can pick up this iconic Funko Pop for only $9, down from its regular $30, letting you put on display your love of Spike Spiegel and the cast of Cowboy Bebop! If you're interested, you don't have much time until this deal runs out.

Cowboy Bebop may have ended over twenty years ago, but its definitely seeing a resurgence thanks in part to Netflix's live action adaptation that is in the works. Though the upcoming series has been pushed back for quite awhile thanks in part to an injury that star John Cho suffered during a stunt on set, fans are still waiting with anticipation for the upcoming adaptation. Whether or not they'll recreate this particular scene between Spike and Vicious is anyone's guess, but we'd put our money that it makes its way into the series.

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Cowboy Bebop was first produced by Sunrise in 1998. Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, with scripts written by Keiko Nobumoto, character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto, and songs composed by Yoko Kanno, the series explores many existentialist philosophies as it follows the adventures of Spike Spiegel, and a group of bounty hunter misfits aboard the titular spaceship the Bebop in the year 2071.

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