Crunchyroll Partners with NYCC Organizer for Next Convention

Ever since Crunchyroll was joined under WarnerMedia's umbrella, there has been a greater push for [...]

Ever since Crunchyroll was joined under WarnerMedia's umbrella, there has been a greater push for the brand as the popular anime streaming service becomes more available and prominent among other more general pop culture streaming services. This includes the greater expansion of their special convention, Crunchyroll Expo, which will be getting some help from a company that knows a thing or two about producing and running big conventions. Crunchyroll has announced its partnership with Reedpop, the events organizer behind New York Comic Con, Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, Star Wars Celebration, and many more.

Reedpop will be overseeing Crunchyroll Expo to its extensive portfolio of major conventions beginning next year, and Crunchyroll Expo 2020 will take place Labor Day weekend in San Jose, California.

Crunchyroll Expo is a major convention celebrating Crunchyroll's streaming platform along with special appearances from those involved in the industry. Beginning in 2017, the convention has gotten bigger each year and will potentially get even bigger now that it's joined Reedpop's slate of conventions.

Reedpop president Lance Fensterman said the following about the partnership (via The Hollywood Reporter), "We are thrilled that the Reedpop team will work with Crunchyroll to deliver Crunchyroll Expo to anime fans. The Crunchyroll team has done an amazing job in making this show into what it's become in just a few years. We know that fans continue to clamor for additional experiences hitting the cross-section of anime, manga and cartoons. We couldn't be more excited to work with a brand as strong and dynamic as Crunchyroll is and we look forward to delivering an incredible experience for their fans.

Head of events at Crunchyroll, Mary Franklin, had the following statement, "Reedpop not only has the production expertise to help us expand and improve the shows each year, they also care deeply about pop culture fans," and that it's a priority for "Crunchyroll Expo [to present] extraordinary anime experiences to fans." Crunchyroll Expo is already a huge fan-favorite and now stands to be even bigger in the years to come with this partnership.

Crunchyroll has done nothing but grow in the last couple of months, and has recently been announced to have some involvement with WarnerMedia's new streaming service, HBO Max. The extent of its involvement is currently unknown as of this writing, but it has been confirmed that the Crunchyroll brand will be heavily featured in the new service alongside specially curated series coming to the streaming platform "every quarter."

via THR