Crunchyroll Spotlights Dragon Ball Super In Anime Streaming Data For 2016

This year has been a good one for anime streaming service Crunchyroll. It announced this year that it surpassed one million paid subscribers, as well as announced that it will be hosting a Crunchyroll Expo as well.

The company also told fans that it is planning to bring popular movies and shows to to American theaters this year. Earlier this year, Crunchyroll released a bunch of infographics with information about viewers watching habits. It's most recent graphic shows the "How You Watched Anime in 2016" and the results are rather interesting.


In the graphic there is all sorts of interesting information about trends. We see that Dragon Ball Super was the most binge-watched show of 2016, which is no real surprise. We learn that that the top three most watched anime are the third season of Sailor Moon Crystal, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:Diamond is Unbreakable and Yuri!!! on Ice. These three popular shows are highly rewatchable, so it makes sense they would be the top.

It is really interesting to see how specific this data can get, such as what is most likely to be watched on each device. We see that on the phone the show most likely to be watched is Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Atraxia. While on the computer the most watched show is Monster Hunter Stores: Ride On. Last but not least on the tv itself, we see that people are watching Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096.

Also it may come a surprise that the most popular anime between viewers who have watched 50 or more series was Space Patrol Luluco. This show was one of the shows that was simulcast on Crunchyroll right as it released in Japan, most likely adding to the reason it was watched by die hard fans.

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