Demon Slayer Awarded Title of 2019's Most Satisfying Anime

Demon Slayer was easily one of the most popular, if not THE most popular, anime series released [...]

Demon Slayer was easily one of the most popular, if not THE most popular, anime series released last year, and now it has an award to confirm it! The Kadokawa Game Linkage publication out of Japan is a report that asks thousands of anime fans across the country their thoughts on recently released anime series. With the outlet asking fans what they considered to be the "most satisfying anime of 2019", the story of Tanjiro and his quest to save his sister while eliminating demons was voted as being the top runner for the category!

Demon Slayer was in good company when it came to anime franchises that made their way into the top ten list, with the likes of Attack On Titan, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, Dr. Stone, and Vinland Saga were just a few of the series that were considered to be satisfying. With 2019 unleashing a strong showing when it came to anime franchises, it's no surprise to see plenty of animes hit this list. Demon Slayer, meanwhile, hit the ground floor running when it debuted last year and has hit a level of popularity that has had it even outselling the juggernaut that is One Piece when it comes to manga sales!

The first season of Demon Slayer presented us with a story of steel clashing against fangs and claws, as Tanjiro matched his skills against a seemingly never ending series of threats and adventures that pitted him against numerous demons. With his sister being attacked in the opening episode and infected by demon blood, the pair of siblings lost their family and were set on a course where they gave their lives to both eliminate the monsters stalking the shadows as well looking for a cure to Nezuko's affliction.

What made the first season so satisfying was a combination of unique characters, blazing fights, and breath taking animation that permeated each episode. While a second season of Demon Slayer has yet to be confirmed, the upcoming feature length film will follow the "Demon Train" arc that played out in the popular series' manga! Based on the anime's popularity, we would imagine that a second season will be announced sooner rather than later!

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Via Crunchyroll