WWE's Zelina Vega Takes on Demon Slayer's Inosuke With New Cosplay

While there has never been an official WWE anime, the biggest organization in the world of professional wrestling has had a number of references to the animation medium that arose from Japan. Tag Teams like the New Day have arrived in the ring wearing Saiyan armor from Dragon Ball fame while female superstars such as Sasha Banks wore an outfit patterned from the design of Sailor Moon. Now, Zelina Vega, who is definitely one of WWE's biggest anime fans, has shared some Demon Slayer cosplay of her own.   

Zelina Vega herself actually wore some striking cosplay into the ring itself for the Pay-Per-View event, Royal Rumble, in which she was one of the female contestants. Walking to the ring wearing an outfit modeled after the Naruto villain, Madara Uchiha, it's clear that the female superstar is in love with all things anime, especially the franchise created by Masashi Kishimoto as she shared her Naruto tattoo late last year. While Vega hasn't walked into the ring wearing Demon Slayer gear, that might change this year, especially with the superstar sharing her love of the boar-mask-wearing brawler.

Zelina Vega took to her Official Instagram Account to show off her new Demon Slayer Cosplay as she prepares to make waves at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, with the WWE star taking the opportunity to hint at some new cosplay that she'll be donning for her upcoming panel:

Inosuke has definitely become a fan-favorite character in the world of the Demon Slayer Corps, with the hot-tempered hero set to return for the third season of Demon Slayer. Set to arrive next year from Ufotable and focusing on the Swordsmith Village Arc, expect some big new challenges for Tanjiro and his fellow members of the Demon Slayer Corps when the anime adaptation returns. Even though the manga created by Koyoharu Gotouge has already brought the series to an end, there are still plenty of fights and major moments for the anime to cover in the future

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