Detective Pikachu Is Now Available on HBO

The holiday season is officially in full swing, and plenty of people are using their extra downtime to check out a movie or two. If you're not in the mood to head to the multiplex, you can now watch one of the year's most delightful blockbusters from the comfort of your own home. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu made its premiere on HBO over the weekend, and is officially able to stream on the service's HBO Go and HBO Now apps. This news was confirmed by a tweet from Benji Samit, who served as a screenwriter on the film.

Detective Pikachu, which is loosely based on the video game of the same name, follows Tim Goodman (Justice Smith), a young man who gets visited by his father's former Pokemon partner, a wise-cracking super-sleuth named Detective Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds). Together, Tim and Pikachu join forces to investigate the mystery of Tim father's disappearance, which takes them on a journey throughout the Pokemon-filled world of Rhyme City. In the process, the pair discover a shocking plot that could threaten the whole Pokemon universe.

The film, which served as the first live-action entry into the Pokemon franchise, opened to positive buzz from critics and fans, and ultimately made over $400 million at the worldwide box office. A sequel of the film has been in various stages of development since January, and Samit previously told that he'd love to return to write the sequel.

"The future I don't know, we concentrated on this, but we've worked very hard to," director Rob Letterman previously explained. "Detective Pikachu's a video game that was in development, sort of in parallel with the movie, and the human story was so great, it made a lot of sense to make a live-action movie about it. Then, we really tried hard to tie it and connect it into the overall Pokémon universe. There are countless Easter eggs in the film that, for hardcore fans, they'll see the links to, you know, all the different Pokémon canon that is out there, starting with literally the first two shots of the film pay tribute to my favorite Pokémon movie that I saw with my kids."

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