One NSFW Manga Is Topping Amazon's Sales Charts

If you are loving manga these days, you are not the only one. The medium has exploded in popularity during the pandemic, and a slew of new series have made land in the United States. And now, it seems like one very NSFW title is topping booklists on Amazon with its sales.

If you did not know, Amazon's manga charts are embracing a battle unlike any before. It turns out that Dick Fight Island's first volume was the number one Romance manga on Amazon recently. At the time of writing, the salacious manga is the top-selling Yaoi and LGBTQ manga being sold through the vendor. So you can take that for what you will.

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According to SuBLime Manga, the publisher says Dick Fight Island has surpasses sales expectations across the board. Reibun Ike, the manga's creator, even posted on Twitter to celebrate the occasion with a mostly NSFW note.

"Thank you for the #1 bestseller. I hope you enjoy the manga, and Roro's heart is trembling with joy," he wrote.

For those who are unfamiliar with this series, Dick Fight Island dates back to March 2019. It was made available in English at the start of May, and its success seems to bode well for Ike's bodacious tale. If you want to know more about Dick Fight Island, you can check out its *extra* synopsis below:

"Eight mighty island warriors battle to become king. The deciding factor? The one who comes last, of course! Eight islands represented by their best warriors must battle it out in a tournament to decide their king. To win this battle of endurance, it's not the last one standing but the last one coming that matters!

The tournament to choose the next king of the islands is about to begin. The rules are simple—whoever comes first loses! Participating warriors protect their mighty swords with armor that grows larger and more elaborate with each tournament. But one warrior has returned from studying abroad with a technique certain to force a pleasurable eruption! Is there a competitor alive able to withstand it? Or is this deft warrior destined to become king?!"

What do you make of this manga's sudden rise in popularity? Will you give Dick Fight Island a shot? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.



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