'Digimon' Announces New Anime Project

With the first Digimon Adventure getting closure for fans of the series, perhaps it is time to fall in love with a new group of chosen children in new adventures.

To celebrate the release of the final Digimon Adventure tri. film May 5 in Japan, the series also announced that a new anime project was in the works.

Tweeting from the official twitter account for the Digimon Adventure tri. series, the series revealed an anime of Agumon with the message "The adventure evolves again-A new project starts!"

Although there is no other information about the new project at this point, fans are hoping that it might be a brand new series. With the original Digimon Adventure series getting a conclusion, now would be a great time to move on. But on the other hand, fans definitely would want to see other teams of Digi-Destined get the same treatment.

There are also pre-orders on their website (which you can find here) until May 7, or until the pre-orders sell out, of a life-sized Agumon plush that stands at 45 centimeters (or 18 inches) tall. The Agumon plush is expected to ship out beginning in August, and currently runs for 8,100 yen (or $76 USD) with international shipping available.

Premium Bandai is also taking pre-orders on their website (which you can find at the link here) for a Digivice replica, the "Complete Selection Animation Digivice tri. Memorial" until mid-June. Running for 7,020 yen (about $64 USD before tax), the Digivice plays the "Butter-fly~tri.Version" and "brave heart~ tri.Version" themes from DigimonAdventure tri and can light up in orange, blue, and red. Each light-up even plays a different interaction between Tai and Agumon, Matt and Gabumon, and Meiko and Meicoomon respectively.

For those unfamiliar with Digimon, the series was originally conceived by Bandai, Toei Animation, and WiZ in 1997 as a way to capitalize on the virtual pet craze sparked by Tamagotchi. The franchise focus on its titular "Digital Monsters," monsters that live in a parallel, digital world that came from mankind's technology. The franchise had its first anime adaptation, Digimon Adventure, which focuses on a group of children known as the DigiDestined (or "Chosen Children" in Japan) that are transported to the world of Digimon and have to fight the various evil digital beasts that roam the land.


Digimon Adventure Tri. is Toei Animation's film series celebrating the franchise's 15th Anniversary. The film series serves as a sequel to both Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02, with the first film releasing in Japan in 2015 and the final film releasing in May 2018. Taking place three years after Digimon Adventure 02, the DigiDestined are reunited with their partner Digimon in order to figure out why a mysterious virus has infected both the human and digital worlds.