Dragon Ball Cosplay Revives Long Lost Bulma Look

Dragon Ball has been running for a long time, and over the course of the decades long series Akira Toriyama has given Bulma a litany of different looks. It's kind of become the hallmark of the franchise as with each new arc of the series, Bulma gets a new outfit with a wildly different look. It's why Bulma has been such a fan favorite in the franchise, and remains such a fresh character despite aging alongside all of the other fighters in the series. Like Goku and Vegeta, Bulma levels up too. But this means that once gone, some looks are gone forever.

Bulma's various popular looks over the course of the franchise have given cosplay artists ample room to experiment and pay tribute to, and this even includes long lost looks that aren't as remembered such as Bulma's brief desert look during the Emperor Pilaf saga. But artist @claubailarinita (who you can find on Instagram here) certainly remembered and shared their fun take on the look! You can check it out below:

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The desert look for Bulma briefly made its showing in the original incarnation of the Dragon Ball series during its very first arc, the Emperor Pilaf saga. Officially dubbed as the "Dangerous Journey" Bulma, this look has gone by several different names. It's a look akin to Mr. Popo, who would be introduced much later into the series, but it was meant to give her a more billowing and comfortable look for the harsh climate of the desert.

It's not the most famous Bulma look for her early days as it wasn't featured as nearly as much promotional materials for the series, but cosplay tributes like this from @claubailarinita help keep the look alive and in the fandom long after they have vanished from the franchise.

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