Dragon Ball Cosplay Imagines Bulma Swooping in to Save Vegeta

While Akira Toriyama based Dragon Ball's initial story around Goku, the more Dragon Ball Z progressed it became increasingly clear just how much more room there was to explore with Vegeta. After being introduced to the series as a villain, the character began to evolve and shift with each arc until the point where he's a full ally to Earth at the end of the Majin Buu saga. One key component of his major shift throughout the series was Bulma, who was just as much of an influence on Vegeta's life as she was Goku's -- in fact, even more so.

Through Bulma's patience, tenacity, and unwillingness to bend to Vegeta's rudeness early on, Bulma helped shaped the Saiyan prince into a man who would willingly challenge a God of Destruction for slapping her in the face. But what would it look like if Bulma were the one to swoop in save Vegeta's skin instead?

One cosplay artist duo decided to bring this idea to life to hilarious results as @vegeta_tributo's (who you can find on Instagram here) Vegeta and @mariana.clausi's (who you can find on Instagram here) Bulma flip the script on the usual Vegeta protecting Bulma angle with Bulma being the one to carry an injure Vegeta out of battle. Check it out below:

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One of the bigger, and fair, criticisms of the Dragon Ball franchise is that it pushed many of its characters to the background to focus on Goku and Vegeta's paths to greater strength. This was especially rough on the heroines of the series as many of them became non-fighters or non-entities altogether. Bulma's managed to keep being a key part of each arc due to her other skills and impact on Vegeta, but seeing fun cosplay takes like this does make one want more for Bulma overall.


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