Dragon Ball Cosplay Shows How Tough Femme Vegeta Really Is

Vegeta is a character every Dragon Ball fan knows, but some know the fighter better than others. Whether you love or hate the Saiyan, he is hard to avoid, and that goes doubly at conventions. Those fans who know Vegeta inside and out tend to cosplay the hero, but one fan on Reddit took their look up twelve notches with their genderbent piece.

Over on Reddit, the user Unicorn_Astronaut shared a photo of their latest Vegeta cosplay. The look was created for LvlUp Expo, and it was there the cosplay shared their genderbent take on the Prince (or Princess) of the Saiyans.

As you can see below, the Dragon Ball cosplay is put together easily enough with a shaded navy bodysuit that defines a person's muscles. That is definitely important for Vegeta since the hero likes working out, and the cosplay features some tailored armor.

My Vegeta cosplay I created for LvlUp Expo!! This was my first time ever creating a pepakura saiyan wig!- Unicorn_Astronaut from r/dbz

The chest plate is shaped differently to highlight Vegeta's womanly figure. The bust features the most radical change, and this cosplay wraps the outfit together with elbow-length gloves.

Of course, the most impressive part of the look comes courtesy of the fan's wig. This headpiece is a pepakura wig to be specific, so it can retain its shape very well. That is important since the Super Saiyan form make Vegeta's hair defy gravity. According to the cosplay, they took some extra steps to make the wig even better, and it required a bit of styling.

"I took the pieces and glued hair to each one, built the model, then sewed wefts onto that and spiked them over to give it a smoother look. I didn't like how blocky the model was so this method worked best," she said.

With this in mind, fans can try to make their own femme cosplay of Vegeta using a pepakura wig and more. The look clearly suits Vegeta, and you know Caulifla would be plenty impressed by this makeover.


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