Dragon Ball Fan Discovers Freeza's Perfect Lip Color on Accident

Arguably the biggest antagonist of Dragon Ball Z came in the form of Freeza, the tiny alien [...]

Arguably the biggest antagonist of Dragon Ball Z came in the form of Freeza, the tiny alien emperor who was responsible for the destruction of the Saiyan homeworld of Planet Vegeta, and one fan has accidentally discovered the perfect lipstick to give their wearers a perfect look if you want to share the same visage as this alien warlord. Freeza might not be what you expect when it comes to the overall appearance of someone who is destroying planets with the flick of his wrist, but the Akira Toriyama created villain has earned his status for some time throughout the anime's history.

Freeza made a big comeback in the Dragon Ball Super franchise, having been resurrected as his underlings discovered Earth's dragon balls. While the Resurrection of F gave us a new transformation for the villain, it wasn't until the Tournament of Power arc that we got to see the full power of this old villain, as well as put him in a shaky partnership with Goku and his friends as a part of Universe 7. The last we saw of Freeza following the end of Dragon Ball Super's anime, for now, came in the form of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, wherein the world destroyer attempted to unleash the Legendary Super Saiyan upon Goku and Vegeta.

Twitter User Poyonpurun shared this accidental discovery wherein the Dragon Ball fan was apparently able to discover the perfect shade of lipstick that mimics that of Freeza's lips that the antagonist has in his fourth, and formerly, final transformation to increase his power level:

Since being brought back to life, Freeza has definitely earned his spot as a constant part of the Dragon Ball franchise moving forward, with his evil actions during the Tournament of Power being a guilty pleasure for viewers as they watched this Universe 7 member shoot enemies in the back and unleash a torrent of deceptive tricks to help his team mates score the win!

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