Dragon Ball Art Imagines Freeza's Scary Real-Life Design

When it comes to Dragon Ball villains, there is not doubt Freeza has the most iconic appearance, and it definitely doesn't translate into the real world very well. Over the years, fans have tried again and again to make a live-action Freeza work, but it never does. Only a handful of concept pieces have made the cut, but one artist decided to take the villain up a notch with a drawing of his own which horrifyingly imagines Freeza as a human.

Yup, you heard that right. The artist Roh Seung Hoon decided to give Freeza a manly makeover, and the humanoid piece is the stuff of nightmares to all us Dragon Ball fans.

The artwork surfaced on Reddit the other day, and that is what spurred all of his conversation. The artwork with Hoon did was done digitally, and it gives Freeza a more human-like anatomy. From his head to his torso, the intergalactic villain looks too human, but there are some distinct changes which have fans freaking out.

Final form Frieza irl (by roh seung hoon) from r/dbz

As you can see above, Freeza has all of his usual coloring here. His white-and-purple skin is plenty disconcerting when stretched over a human frame, but his face is the worst. The stark white skin shows off Freeza's musculature too well, and it makes his face look otherworldly. That design combined with Freeza's glowing yellow eyes is unforgivable, and I get serious Pennywise the Clown vibes just looking at this.

As for the rest of the piece, Freeza goes all out with purple lips with exaggerated wings at the end. Of course, the alien is rocking his usual ears, but the fleshy appendages look truly disgusting in this lifelike makeover. I can barely look at the ears without feeling the need to check on my own, but that kind of reaction would only tickle Freeza with joy.


After all, the Dragon Ball villain relishes in chaos, and Freeza is down to make others uncomfortable any time. The villain might be a bit touchy about his appearance, but fans are sure Freeza takes pride in knowing his looks alone scare people. And if this alien ever did travel to our Earth we can only hope Goku would show himself to save us all from Freeza's freaky face.

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