Dragon Ball Heroes Shows-Off Golden Metal Cooler's Power

Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series has gone on far longer than fans ever expected [...]

Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series has gone on far longer than fans ever expected it to, and the same can be said of the story it's trying to tell. After starting in a strange new place with the Prison Planet, the promotional anime has evolved into a giant war with a mysterious new villain group across the multiverse. This conflict has resulted in the debuts of new characters, and new powers for old favorites such as Cooler too.

After making his return to the promotional anime as Metal Cooler, Cooler surprises once more in the latest Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode with his Golden transformation form and it gave him a huge strength boost.

When Cooler fought the Evil Saiyan Cumber in a previous episode, he unveiled his Golden Cooler form but it still was not enough to take the Saiyan down. In his time away from the anime, it turns out that Cooler once again went to the Big Gete Star and upgraded to his Metal Cooler form. Though it's clear that this upgrade is much stronger than fans saw in the Dragon Ball Z film it first debuted.

Metal Cooler keeps up with Cumber's base form, but Golden Metal Cooler completely overpowers the Evil Saiyan. Cumber goes Super Saiyan, but Cooler is far stronger and faster. Not only does he easily bat away Cumber's ki blasts, he lands several speedy blows before Cumber can even react. None of Cumber's attacks seem to have any effect, and Cooler nearly defeats him.

For all intents and purposes, Golden Metal Cooler is much stronger that Super Saiyan Cumber and he nearly destroys him for good until he's soon interrupted. Turns out that this amount of strength has its downsides as Golden Metal Cooler overheats and has to flee the scene before he can deliver the final blow to Cumber. With Cooler's Golden transformation now on the table for the rest of the promotional anime series, it's going to be interesting to see how the rest of the Universal Conflict plays out.

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Episode 12 of the series is now live and is titled "Super Fighters Assemble! The Decisive Battle of Universe 7!" The synopsis for the episode describes it as such, "The battle stage has finally moved to Universe 7. Goku and his friends attack the immensely powerful Hearts and Kamioren. At the same time in Universe 3, Cumber, who is wreaking havoc, and Cooler, who gained a new power, clash!"