Dragon Ball Heroes Reveals Hearts' New Attacks

Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series' latest episode brings the Universal Conflict arc closer to the end, and Hearts is getting stronger with every passing moment. After venturing through the multiverse in order to build more energy for the Universe Seed super weapon, Hearts has absorbed its power into himself and has unlocked a new "Godslayer" form. It turns out that this isn't just a fancy title a cocky villain is giving himself, but a true reflection of just how much stronger he's become as he's been throwing around the multiverse's last defenders with ease.

What makes this even worse us that his new power has unlocked all sorts of new attacks, and he had them on full display in the latest episode of the series. Not only are his gravity attacks far more powerful than ever, but he also has some glowing orbs on his back that he can throw around.

Episode 18 of the series sees Goku and the others struggling to keep up with Godslayer Hearts. He bats them away without much problem, and he's essentially toying with all of them the more he fights. The glowing orbs he's sprouted out of his back then start flying off of him as he controls them with his telekinesis. These orbs move at high speeds, and whip around Goku and the others.

Eventually these orbs move so fast that every fighter is rounded up into a small space, and Hearts follows this up with the killing blow. Using his telekinetic power, he uses the same cubes he used before against Super Saiyan Blue Goku. But this time they're much stronger, and hit much harder. After striking all of them with these cubes, they gather into the sky and some black clouds swirl.


Soon enough, a single gigantic cube comes crashing down on Goku and the others, crushing them underneath the power of both his gravity abilities and the massive cube. Following this up with a massive explosion of energy, Goku and the others lie in a crater with very little options. It's here that Goku and Vegeta decide to use the Fusion Dance in order to stand a chance against him, but with these attacks Hearts seems unstoppable right now.

If you wanted to check out the promotional anime series for yourself, Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 17 is now live. It's titled, "Ultimate God Killer! The Birth of Hearts!" and the synopsis reads as such, "Hearts has finally evolved into his ultimate form. As Jiren and Hit come to the rescue, Goku and co. start an all-out battle! The final battle that decides the fate of the universe begins!"