New Dragon Ball Heroes Synopsis Teases Gods of Destruction Coup

Super Dragon Ball Heroes rounded out the Universal Conflict arc with its first season of episodes earlier this year, but thankfully it was confirmed shortly after that a second season would be on the way! After a special episode showcasing the events of the Dark Demon Realm arc from the original card arcade game in Japan, the second season will be adapting the events from the newest expansion to the game, Big Bang Mission. The new expansion is coming sometime this March, and the promotional anime series will be blowing up the entire franchise in a cool new way.

A new synopsis for the coming season has popped up online thanks to @Cipher_db on Twitter, and it teases that the enemy this time around will be the Gods of Destruction themselves! With the promotional anime series existing outside of the main canon of the Dragon Ball series, this Gods of Destruction coup has a lot of promise.

The synopsis reads as such, "The Big Bang starts in 2020. Unveiled in an astonishing announcement at last year's Jump Festa 2020! This time the enemy is...the Gods of Destruction?! And what is this gigantic tree that has appeared suddenly out in space? Goku and Trunks' greatest dilemmas, adventures, and battles close in! The waiting is over! The Big Bang Mission begins!"

Dragon Ball fans were excited about the prospect of an entire multiverse of strong new enemies for Goku and company to fight against when the idea presented itself in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. While Dragon Ball Super explored the possibilities of many of these ideas, the series came to an end (without any return in sight) just as we began to see more of the Destroyers in the other universes.


But while the main series is still leaving this possibility on the table, the Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime series is going to go for broke with the full slate of the Destroyers. The shorter length of time for each episode and amount of characters it's going to juggle is most likely going to leave several threads hanging, but giving any additional details about the Gods at all will hopefully flesh out the rest of the multiverse.

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