Dragon Ball Heroes Promo Reveals New Gogeta Form

It might have taken some time, but it looks like Dragon Ball has made good on an old promise. Years ago, a file dive of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 confirmed Gogeta would be able to use one of Goku's famous power boosts. And thanks to a new promo, fans got to see Gogeta use the power-up for himself.

Yes, that's right. Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta can use Kaio-ken, and fans can only imagine how much stronger that makes the fusion.

Recently, fans got a look at the form when a promo for Super Dragon Ball Heroes went live introduce Xeno Pan. It was there fans got a good look at SSJ4 Gogeta, and it did not take long before fans noticed the fusion tapping into Kaio-ken at the very end.

Of course, fans will know just how powerful this boost makes Gogeta. Not only is the fusion said to create the strongest fusion of Goku possible, but it makes Gogeta the best fighter in Universe 7. This is only compounded when Gogeta goes SSJ4, and that is made even worse by Kaio-ken. The power boost multiplies power by a base of ten, so it is safe to say Gogeta is all but unstoppable in this form.

Still, Dragon Ball Heroes will be Dragon Ball Heroes. The non-canon series pays little attention to power scaling, so it would not take long for the series to introduce a villain who could give this insanely powered-up Gogeta a problem or twelve.

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