Dragon Ball Reveals Vegeta's New Outfit

Dragon Ball's official anime future is currently unknown as word of an official continuation of the Dragon Ball Super series is still pretty quiet, but the franchise itself has been keeping on strong despite this. There might not be an official anime release, but the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game in Japan has been releasing a series of short promotional anime episodes telling explosive new stories featuring battles against all kinds of new baddies. But thanks to it existing outside of the franchise's official canon, this anime has been able to experiment with the characters in fun new ways.

Because while the main series has Vegeta's looks fairly set in stone with each new arc, Vegeta tends to experiment with his look a bit more in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. In fact, a new promo for the arcade game is on the way and a preview for it shows Vegeta's latest makeover that gives him some updated Saiyan armor.

As spotted by @DBSHype on Twitter, Vegeta will be updating his look for the next Dragon Ball Heroes promo and sports a version of his Saiyan armor that's familiar but not. Going back to his blue and white gear, there are a few more accents on it than before. So it's like he's been upgrading it while waiting for the next big battle. Check it out:

The Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime series has been adapting the events of the Prison Planet and Universal Conflict arcs thus far, and has been relatively separated from the events of the original games. But that's looking like it's set to change with the second season of the anime, which will begin adapting the Big Bang Mission expansion releasing with the arcade game this Spring.


But before that, the anime will be returning for a special episode later this month that will recap the events of the Dark Demon Realm of the arcade game that took place before the events of the promotional anime series. When all of that is complete, then hopefully fans will be all caught up with the events of the Heroes saga when the new season drops in March. Maybe this new Vegeta look will come along for the ride too?

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