'Dragon Ball' Reveals Its Surprising Majin Android Form

For the most part, Dragon Ball tends to keep their distance. Sure, Goku Black and Zamasu had their thing, but guys like Cell and Majin Buu never felt the need to combine. So, there has never been a reason for Dragon Ball to create a Majin Android - that is, until now.

If you are not aware, Dragon Ball FighterZ will make its debut this month, and the game is a highly anticipated one. Over in Japan, V-Jump wanted to celebrate the game in its new issue by dropping a ton of new info.

So, here it goes. Dragon Ball FighterZ has a Majin Android, and she has fans scratching their heads.

Yes, Android 21 will be a playable character in Dragon Ball FighterZ, and she will be in her Majin Form. As you can see above, the makeover gives the girl pink skin just like Buu and darkened eyes. Wearing white drop-crotch pants, Android 21 has long white-pink hair and wears a sleeved crop top.

According to translations, the form is not officially called her Majin form, but it is hard to mistake. The promo says Mr. Buu calls Android 21 his friend, and she is able to turn people into food with her Hungry Beam. She can even absorb the technique of other opponents like a Kamehameha Wave.

The new form, which was made by Akira Toriyama, will be an important element of the game's story mode.

"White hair, pink skin ... Holding the key to story mode, Android 21 changes her appearance to take part in battle! While being an android, she also looks completely like a Majin," V-Jump reads. "In addition to being a scientist with a brilliant mind, Android 21 has been involved in many mysteries up till now. What is her goal in participating in battle ... !?"


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