'Dragon Ball': Did You Know Buu Has A Wife?

Dragon Ball isn’t known for its romance, but the franchise does have its ships. Vegeta and Bulma have become an increasingly popular couple since Dragon Ball Super came around, but Mr. Buu has had a hard time getting a date. So, it is a good thing Buu already has a wife out there... Akira Toriyama just needs to give his blessing.

If you didn’t know, Buu got himself a lady, and she goes by the name of Miss Buu. The character was introduced awhile back through Dragon Ball Online, and fans would not mind if the anime adopted the non-canon heroine for itself.

Miss Buu came about after Mr. Buu realized he was living a pretty lonely life. During the year 790, Buu found one of Mr. Satan’s adult novels titled Bob & Margaret's Forbidden Game. After looking over the naughty story, Buu decided he wanted someone to love and found a way to make that happen.

Eager to make another Majin, Buu split himself into two like he did back in Dragon Ball Z. However, instead of producing Evil Buu, Miss Buu was created instead. After the heroine learned about love and courtship, Miss Buu was ready to settle down with Mr. Buu. The couple used Mr. Satan’s romance novel as their how-to guide for marriage, and they even used it to figure out how babies are born.

Well, for the most part.

According to the lore, Miss Buu and Mr. Buu figured out an easier way to have kids. The girl created the Love-Love Beam which produced their first child Baby Buu. In the video games, Buu’s family grows quickly after the Love-Love Beam is discovered, and the Majin race becomes a formally recognized one.


If Goku can have Chi-Chi in the anime, then it seems like Buu should get a sweetheart of his own. The gentle-hearted fighter helps fans laugh, and his devotion to Mr. Satan is endearing. However, there is only so much Buu can do for others before he needs to take care of himself. So, if Dragon Ball Super wants to canonize Miss Buu sometime soon, fans would be alright with the move.

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