Assassination Classroom Artist Shares Own Take on Piccolo

The 30th Anniversary Dragon Ball History Book has given us some of the biggest creators in anime delivering their own interpretations of some of the most epic characters within the Dragon Ball franchise. Now, the creator behind the idiosyncratic anime series, Assassination Classroom, has delivered his own take on the once villain, now hero Piccolo. Yusei Matsui created a franchise that delivers fast paced action alongside a unique premise and manages to take that same energy in this sketch of everyone's favorite Namekian.

Twitter User GovetaXV shared this impressive sketch from Matsui, with Piccolo delivering his patented energy blast that comes firing out of his mouth, which he has employed against villainous threats and Son Goku alike:

If you're unfamiliar with Assassination Classroom, an alien calling itself Koro Sensei gives the Earth an ultimatum: either a classroom of students manages to kill him during a school year or the nigh immortal extraterrestrial will bring about the end of days. Koro Sensei could come right out of the Dragon Ball universe, with a power level that was so large, it would allow him to move at light speed and perform super human feats of strength. The extraterrestrial teacher would have fit right into the recent Tournament of Power arc which took place in the Dragon Ball Super series.

Piccolo happens to be an alien himself, though at the start of the Dragon Ball franchise, he was thought to be a demon. His original incarnation was that of an old Namekian man, terrorizing the countryside and attempting to take over the world. When a young Son Goku managed to blow a hole through his upper torso, the older Piccolo managed to spit out an egg that became the Piccolo we know today. It was through his relationship with Gohan that he truly became a hero and left his plans to take over the world by the wayside.


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