Dragon Ball Super Introduces Vegeta To Beerus' Brutal Destroyer Training

Dragon Ball Super has introduced Vegeta to Beerus' brutal training in the techniques of a God of Destruction. After nonchalantly teasing Vegeta with some new tutelage at the start of Dragon Ball Super's new story arc, Beerus quickly flips the switch and goes hard at the Saiyan Prince. In Dragon Ball Super chapter 69, Beerus gets Vegeta alone and puts the screws to him mentally and emotionally. In just this first round of training, Vegeta is forced to revisit the sins of the Saiyan race and question his own savage nature - all while getting beaten within an inch of his life!

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 SPOILERS Follow!

As stated, Beerus' very first opening question to Vegeta is just how many planets the Saiyan race (and Vegeta himself) destroyed. After Vegeta confesses that the Saiyans had many "sins" that brought about the karma of their destruction, Beerus angrily calls the notion ridiculous and takes a more aggressive approach to "educating" Vegeta about the mindset of a Destroyer. With a single blast, Beerus destroys an entire "decorative planet" that's in orbit around his world.

Vegeta is left in awe of a Destroyer's power, which only makes Beerus angrier. The God of Destruction takes the lesson from the philosophical to the physical, thrashing Vegeta hard, while "clarifying" how a Destroyer must see the world:

"As long as doubt weighs down your soul, this power'll never be yours to wield," Beerus explains to Vegeta. "Your own crimes aside, you're feeling guilty for the sins of all Saiyans. That's awfully self-centered of your, mortal."

Dragon Ball Super 69 Spoilers Beerus Training Vegeta God Destruction
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

Beerus attempts some "therapy" being shifting Vegeta from sad-sack guilt to unquenchable rage, by "educating" him on something else: it was Beerus who suggested Freeza eradicate the Saiyans. That reveal has the desired effect: Vegeta goes full-power rage against Beerus, only to get thrashed again, without landing a blow. To hammer the point home, Beerus shows Vegeta just how much mastery he has over his destructive powers - by destroying Vegeta's body armor, just short of serious bodily harm.

Beerus' final "teaching" is a simple goal for Vegeta to achieve:

"As long as you're trapped by the past, you'll never manage to grow past this point... My mind's always on destruction and nothing else. That's why there's no limit to my power.


Listen, if your really want this power, you're gonna ha to destroy any stray thoughts and recreate yourself from scratch. Before creation comes destruction. Get it?"

Dragon Ball Super fans have been waiting to see Vegeta embrace his clear destiny as a God of Destruction - and clearly it's going to be a long, hard, bloody, soul-wrenching journey to get there. We're here for it.